zoeyrph Character PSD #022: Aphrodite

I was procrastinating and messing with light leaks, gradients, and textures and this just kind of came into existence so I hope you like it!

This PSD is a super simple and extremely easy to use since all you need is a picture of the faceclaim. You don’t need to crop it down to a particular size since you can just clipping mask your image to the square provided. The font used is Code Bold, and all you really need to type are the character’s initials as well as their occupation or label. All customizable layers are highlighted in red.

Please note that this character graphic isn’t meant to be a GIF. I simply made it a GIF so you could have an idea of what the PSD would look like using different images with both dark and light backgrounds.

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Celina Sinden Gif Hunt


Under the cut there are 575 gifs of Celinda Sinden as Greer of Kinross (except probably lie 8). None of these gifs are mine. All credit goes to the original creators. If you see your gif(s) on here and want it/them taken down. just message me the number(s). And even though I did not create these, I do ask that other gif hunters do not take this gif hunt and repost it on their own page. Please like/reblog if this was helpful.


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Floralrph’s first character graphic:

While cleaning out my desktop, I found this simple little graphic i made a while back. The normal rules apply- don’t steal, don’t remove the credit, just don’t be a shitpot. However, feel free to edit this as much you’d like! The layers are clearly…


↳ #819 small, and medium, HQ gifs of ALEX PETTYFER that  include the right HTML and avoid the grey box. None of the gifs were made by me, the original gif hunts can be found here, herehere and here. So full credit to those who made them and put them together, I just fixed the HTML so all you need to do is copy it. I apologize for any repeats. Please like and/or reblog if this helped you in any way, and if you have any particular faceclaim you want please request here.


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don't repost or claim as your own and like or reblog if you download

Destinee's blog

Charlie's personal blog

We’re no longer active here so i’ll just post links to our personal blogs in case therw’s anyone who talked to one of us and wants to get in touch or anything.

#153 small/medium HQ gifs of norwegian blogger Erica Mohn Kvam.All of the gifs were made by me, so don’t repost them and don’t use in your own gif hunts. Like/reblog if using.

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