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We’re no longer active here so i’ll just post links to our personal blogs in case therw’s anyone who talked to one of us and wants to get in touch or anything.

#153 small/medium HQ gifs of norwegian blogger Erica Mohn Kvam.All of the gifs were made by me, so don’t repost them and don’t use in your own gif hunts. Like/reblog if using.

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                         ▲▼▲ GRADIENT PACK BY LISOFRP ▲▼

This is a quick gradient pack that I happened to come up with while I was working on a few graphics and just messing around with colors. The first one isn’t similar to the rest of them, I know. I just tweaked the other three to different colors and that’s what happened. These aren’t the best, as I’m not used to making four colored gradients, but I tried. If you do happen to use these, please like or reblog this post! mf



Slender // Slender Man’s Writing //

Angry Chalk // Forbidden Land //

Aggressive Angry Baby Killer // Ghastly Panic //

PSD 083 BY MIXSOUCERS. Feel free to adjust or delete some layers, but respect my work and Don’t redistribute or claim as your own, And like or reblog this post. Here you can find more psds, and here you can request a new psd. Thank you and ENJOY!! {dl}



It happens to everyone. Nobody responds to your starters, people lose interest in their conversations with your character, and nobody seems interested in building plots with you. It sucks, and sometimes there isn’t even anything your admin can do about it. There are, however, a few things you can try in order to fix this kind of situation. 

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Automatically fits into 2 columns

If text overflows, a new column will be formed to the right, hidden until you scroll

Hover title for home and askbox links

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  • 500px posts
  • sidebar picture 190px wide
  • up to 6 custom links and option of hiding extras
  • all colors and font sizes are customizable
  • features a quick reblog button, hiding caption option, infinite scrolling option, and pop up ask option

you can edit the themes as much as you want as long as you keep the credit
reblog/like if using, any questions can be asked here